Things to do in the Yorkshire and The Humber of England

Welcome to Yorkshire and The Humber, a region in the northeast of England known for its stunning countryside, rich history, and vibrant cities. Whether you're a nature lover, history buff, or food enthusiast, this diverse region has something for everyone. From the rugged beauty of the Yorkshire Dales to the picturesque coastline of Scarborough, there are endless opportunities for outdoor adventures. Explore the historic city of York, with its medieval architecture and world-famous York Minster. Indulge in the region's culinary delights, from traditional Yorkshire puddings to delicious seafood. With its warm hospitality and unique charm, Yorkshire and The Humber is a must-visit destination.

Things to do

York Minster

York Minster is a magnificent cathedral located in the heart of York. It is one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Europe and is known for its stunning architecture and beautiful stained glass windows. Visitors can explore the cathedral's interior, climb the central tower for panoramic views of the city, and attend services or concerts. The Minster also houses a museum that showcases the history and treasures of the cathedral.

Yorkshire Dales National Park

The Yorkshire Dales National Park is a breathtakingly beautiful area of rolling hills, valleys, and picturesque villages. It is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities such as hiking, cycling, and wildlife spotting. Visitors can explore the park's numerous walking trails, visit charming towns like Hawes and Grassington, and admire the stunning landscapes of Malham Cove and Aysgarth Falls. The park also has several visitor centers where you can learn more about its history, geology, and wildlife.

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey is a hauntingly beautiful ruined abbey perched on a cliff overlooking the North Sea. It is famous for its connection to Bram Stoker's novel, Dracula, as it inspired the setting for the book. Visitors can explore the abbey's ruins, learn about its history in the visitor center, and enjoy panoramic views of the coastline. Whitby itself is a charming seaside town with cobbled streets, a picturesque harbor, and a vibrant fishing industry. Don't forget to try the local delicacy, Whitby fish and chips!

Humber Bridge

The Humber Bridge is an iconic suspension bridge that spans the Humber Estuary, connecting East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. It is one of the longest single-span suspension bridges in the world and offers stunning views of the surrounding area. Visitors can walk or cycle across the bridge on designated paths, or simply admire its impressive structure from the viewing areas. The Humber Bridge Country Park, located on the south bank of the estuary, is a great place to enjoy a picnic and take in the scenery.

York Castle Museum

York Castle Museum is a fascinating museum located in the former York Castle. It showcases the history of York through immersive exhibits and displays. Visitors can explore recreated Victorian streets, step inside prison cells, and learn about the city's role in World War I and II. The museum also houses a collection of historic costumes, toys, and everyday objects. Don't miss the famous 'Kirkgate' exhibit, which recreates a Victorian street complete with shops, houses, and a pub.

The Deep

The Deep is a world-class aquarium located in Hull. It is home to over 5,000 marine animals, including sharks, rays, and penguins. Visitors can explore the aquarium's various exhibits, learn about marine conservation, and even take part in interactive experiences such as diving with sharks or feeding the penguins. The Deep also has a stunning glass elevator that takes you through a 10-meter tunnel surrounded by marine life. It is a must-visit attraction for both adults and children.

Bolton Abbey

Bolton Abbey is a picturesque estate located in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. It is home to the ruins of a 12th-century Augustinian monastery, beautiful gardens, and scenic walking trails along the River Wharfe. Visitors can explore the abbey ruins, picnic in the grounds, and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding countryside. The estate also offers activities such as fishing, cycling, and horse riding. Don't forget to visit the Cavendish Pavilion, a charming riverside café where you can relax and enjoy a cup of tea.

Salts Mill

Salts Mill is a historic textile mill located in the village of Saltaire, near Bradford. It was built in the 19th century by Sir Titus Salt and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The mill houses a variety of attractions, including art galleries, shops, cafes, and a bookshop. Visitors can admire the impressive industrial architecture, browse contemporary art exhibitions, and shop for unique gifts and souvenirs. The mill also hosts regular events and workshops, making it a vibrant cultural hub.

Scarborough Castle

Scarborough Castle is a medieval fortress located on a rocky promontory overlooking the North Sea. It has a rich history dating back over 2,500 years and offers panoramic views of the coastline. Visitors can explore the castle's ruins, learn about its role in various historical events, and enjoy interactive exhibits that bring the past to life. Scarborough itself is a popular seaside resort with sandy beaches, a vibrant promenade, and a bustling town center. Don't miss the chance to try some traditional seaside fish and chips!

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The Yorkshire Sculpture Park is an outdoor art gallery located in the grounds of Bretton Hall near Wakefield. It is one of the largest sculpture parks in Europe and showcases a diverse collection of contemporary and modern art. Visitors can explore the park's extensive grounds, which feature sculptures by renowned artists such as Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. The park also hosts temporary exhibitions, events, and workshops throughout the year. It is a peaceful and inspiring place to appreciate art in a natural setting.

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