Things to do in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

Scunthorpe is a charming town located in Lincolnshire, England. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and friendly locals, it is a must-visit destination for any traveler. From exploring the fascinating museums and historical sites to enjoying the beautiful countryside and vibrant cultural scene, Scunthorpe offers something for everyone. Whether you're interested in history, nature, or simply experiencing the warmth of a close-knit community, Scunthorpe has it all. So pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in this hidden gem of England.

Things to do

North Lincolnshire Museum

The North Lincolnshire Museum is a must-visit attraction in Scunthorpe. It offers a fascinating insight into the history and heritage of the area. The museum showcases a wide range of exhibits, including archaeological finds, local artwork, and interactive displays. Visitors can learn about the industrial heritage of Scunthorpe, as well as the natural history of the region. The museum also hosts regular events and workshops for both children and adults. It's a great place to spend a few hours exploring and learning about the local culture.

Normanby Hall Country Park

Normanby Hall Country Park is a beautiful estate located near Scunthorpe. It offers stunning gardens, woodlands, and lakes, making it a perfect place for a leisurely stroll or a picnic. The park also features a Georgian mansion, which is open to the public and offers a glimpse into the grandeur of the past. Visitors can explore the house's elegant rooms and learn about its history. The park hosts various events throughout the year, including outdoor concerts and craft fairs. It's a peaceful and picturesque destination for nature lovers and history enthusiasts alike.

Pink Pig Farm

If you're visiting Scunthorpe with children, a trip to Pink Pig Farm is a must. This family-friendly attraction offers a range of activities and experiences for kids of all ages. Children can meet and feed the farm animals, take a tractor ride, and enjoy outdoor play areas. The farm also has a café serving delicious homemade food, as well as a farm shop where you can purchase fresh produce. Pink Pig Farm is a great place to spend a fun-filled day with the family, surrounded by the beauty of the countryside.

20-21 Visual Arts Centre

The 20-21 Visual Arts Centre is a contemporary art gallery located in Scunthorpe. It showcases a diverse range of artwork, including paintings, sculptures, and installations. The gallery hosts regular exhibitions featuring both local and international artists, providing a platform for creative expression. In addition to the exhibitions, the centre also offers workshops and educational programs for all ages. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply appreciate creativity, a visit to the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre is sure to inspire and engage.

The Pods

The Pods is a modern leisure centre in Scunthorpe, offering a range of facilities for fitness and relaxation. The centre features a state-of-the-art gym, swimming pools, a spa, and various sports courts. Visitors can enjoy a workout, take a swim, or indulge in some pampering at the spa. The Pods also hosts fitness classes and activities for all ages, making it a great place to stay active and have fun. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or simply looking to unwind, The Pods has something for everyone.

Scunthorpe United Football Club

For football fans, a visit to the Scunthorpe United Football Club is a must. The club, also known as The Iron, is based in Scunthorpe and competes in the English Football League. Watching a match at the club's stadium, Glanford Park, is a thrilling experience for sports enthusiasts. The atmosphere is electric, and you can join in the chants and cheers of the passionate fans. Even if you're not a football fan, attending a match can be a fun and exciting way to immerse yourself in the local culture.

The Baths Hall

The Baths Hall is a popular entertainment venue in Scunthorpe, hosting a variety of live performances, including concerts, comedy shows, and theatrical productions. The venue has a capacity of over 1,000 seats, ensuring a vibrant atmosphere for every event. Whether you're a music lover, a comedy enthusiast, or a fan of the performing arts, The Baths Hall offers a diverse program of entertainment throughout the year. Check their website for upcoming shows and book your tickets in advance to secure your spot.

Central Park

Central Park is a beautiful green space in the heart of Scunthorpe. It offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the town, with well-maintained gardens, walking paths, and open spaces. The park is perfect for a leisurely stroll, a picnic, or simply enjoying the fresh air. It also features a children's play area, making it a great place to bring the kids. Central Park is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike, providing a tranquil oasis in the midst of the urban landscape.

The Plowright Theatre

The Plowright Theatre is a charming venue in Scunthorpe, dedicated to showcasing a range of theatrical performances, including plays, musicals, and dance shows. The theatre has a cozy and intimate atmosphere, allowing the audience to fully immerse themselves in the performances. The Plowright Theatre also hosts community events and workshops, providing opportunities for local talent to shine. Whether you're a theatre enthusiast or simply looking for a night of entertainment, The Plowright Theatre is a cultural gem in Scunthorpe.

Ashby Ville Nature Reserve

Ashby Ville Nature Reserve is a hidden gem in Scunthorpe, offering a tranquil escape into nature. The reserve features a variety of habitats, including woodlands, meadows, and ponds, providing a haven for wildlife. Visitors can explore the walking trails, spot birds and other wildlife, and enjoy the peaceful surroundings. The reserve is also a great place for photography enthusiasts, with plenty of opportunities to capture the beauty of nature. Whether you're a nature lover or simply seeking some peace and quiet, Ashby Ville Nature Reserve is a delightful destination.