Things to do in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

Welcome to Walton-on-Thames, a charming town located in Surrey, England. With its picturesque riverside setting, historic landmarks, and vibrant community, Walton-on-Thames offers a delightful experience for visitors. Whether you're interested in exploring nature, immersing yourself in history, or simply enjoying the laid-back atmosphere, this town has something for everyone. Discover the beauty of the River Thames, wander through the quaint streets lined with independent shops and eateries, and soak up the rich heritage of this hidden gem. Come and experience the charm of Walton-on-Thames for yourself!

Things to do

Thames Path

Take a leisurely stroll along the Thames Path and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Walton-on-Thames. The path stretches for miles, offering stunning views of the river and the surrounding countryside. You can walk or cycle along the path, and there are plenty of benches and picnic spots along the way where you can relax and take in the view. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the picturesque landscapes.

Hampton Court Palace

Visit the magnificent Hampton Court Palace, located just a short distance from Walton-on-Thames. This historic royal palace is famous for its stunning architecture, beautiful gardens, and fascinating history. Explore the opulent state apartments, wander through the maze, and take a stroll in the picturesque gardens. Don't miss the chance to see the famous Great Hall and the Chapel Royal. Hampton Court Palace also hosts various events and exhibitions throughout the year, so be sure to check their website for any upcoming attractions.

Painshill Park

Discover the enchanting Painshill Park, a beautiful 18th-century landscape garden located in Cobham, just a short drive from Walton-on-Thames. This stunning park features a variety of picturesque landscapes, including lakes, grottoes, and follies. Take a leisurely walk through the park and admire the carefully designed vistas and architectural features. Don't forget to visit the Crystal Grotto, a unique underground cave adorned with sparkling crystals. Painshill Park is a perfect place for a peaceful day out in nature.

Brooklands Museum

Step back in time at the Brooklands Museum, located in Weybridge, just a short distance from Walton-on-Thames. This fascinating museum is dedicated to the history of motorsport and aviation. Explore the exhibits and learn about the iconic Brooklands race track, which was the world's first purpose-built motor racing circuit. Discover vintage cars, motorcycles, and aircraft, and even take a ride in a vintage car or on a Concorde flight simulator. The museum also hosts various events and car shows throughout the year, making it a must-visit for any motorsport enthusiast.

Walton-on-Thames Market

Experience the vibrant atmosphere of the Walton-on-Thames Market, held every Saturday in the heart of the town. Browse through a wide range of stalls selling fresh produce, local crafts, clothing, and more. Sample delicious street food from various cuisines and enjoy live music performances. The market is a great place to support local businesses and find unique souvenirs to take home. Don't forget to try some traditional British treats like fish and chips or a hearty pie.

Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre

Immerse yourself in the local arts scene at the Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre in Walton-on-Thames. This charming venue hosts a variety of art exhibitions, live performances, and workshops throughout the year. Explore the gallery and admire the works of local artists, catch a play or a musical performance in the intimate theatre, or participate in a creative workshop. The Riverhouse Barn Arts Centre is a hub of creativity and a great place to support local talent.

Walton-on-Thames Library

Visit the Walton-on-Thames Library and immerse yourself in a world of books. This modern library offers a wide range of books, magazines, and newspapers for all ages and interests. Take some time to browse through the shelves and discover new authors or find your favorite classics. The library also hosts various events and activities, including book clubs, storytelling sessions, and workshops. Whether you're a bookworm or just looking for a quiet place to relax, the Walton-on-Thames Library is a must-visit.

Walton-on-Thames Cricket Club

Catch a cricket match at the Walton-on-Thames Cricket Club and experience the quintessential British sport. The club has a rich history and is known for its friendly atmosphere and beautiful grounds. Grab a pint from the clubhouse bar, find a spot on the grassy bank, and enjoy the game. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even join in and have a go at batting or bowling. Watching a cricket match is a great way to soak up the local culture and enjoy a sunny day.

Walton-on-Thames Heritage Walk

Embark on a heritage walk through the charming streets of Walton-on-Thames and discover the town's rich history. Follow the designated route and explore the historic buildings, landmarks, and hidden gems. Learn about the town's past as you stroll along the River Thames, visit the ancient St. Mary's Church, and admire the architecture of the old town center. The heritage walk is a self-guided tour, and you can find a map and more information at the Walton-on-Thames Visitor Information Centre.

Walton-on-Thames Waterside Drive

Take a scenic drive along Waterside Drive in Walton-on-Thames and enjoy the picturesque views of the River Thames. This road runs parallel to the river and offers stunning vistas of the water, boats, and surrounding greenery. Roll down the windows, feel the breeze, and take in the tranquility of the river. There are several parking spots along the way where you can stop and take photos or have a picnic. Waterside Drive is a perfect route for a relaxing drive and a great way to appreciate the natural beauty of Walton-on-Thames.