Things to do in Saltash, Cornwall

Saltash is a charming town located in Cornwall, England. With its picturesque setting on the banks of the River Tamar and its rich history, Saltash offers visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. From exploring historic landmarks to enjoying outdoor activities, there is something for everyone in this delightful town.

Things to do

Explore Saltash Waterfront

Start your visit to Saltash by exploring its beautiful waterfront. Take a leisurely stroll along the River Tamar and enjoy the stunning views of the river and the surrounding countryside. You can also visit the historic Saltash Pier, which offers panoramic views of the area. Don't forget to stop by the local cafes and restaurants along the waterfront to enjoy some delicious Cornish cuisine.

Visit Saltash Heritage Museum

Learn about the rich history of Saltash by visiting the Saltash Heritage Museum. The museum showcases the town's maritime heritage, including its role in the shipbuilding industry and the famous Brunel Bridge. Explore the exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of Saltash's past, and gain a deeper understanding of the town's cultural significance.

Take a Boat Trip to Cotehele House

Hop on a boat trip from Saltash and visit the stunning Cotehele House. This Tudor mansion is set in beautiful gardens and offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. Explore the historic rooms, admire the intricate tapestries, and take a walk in the picturesque gardens. Don't miss the chance to enjoy a cream tea at the charming tea room.

Discover Antony House

Visit Antony House, a magnificent 18th-century mansion located near Saltash. Explore the elegant rooms filled with fine art, furniture, and porcelain. Take a stroll in the beautiful gardens, which offer stunning views of the River Lynher. Don't forget to visit the nearby Woodland Garden, known for its collection of camellias and rhododendrons.

Explore Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park

Head to Mount Edgcumbe House and Country Park, located just a short distance from Saltash. This historic house is surrounded by beautiful gardens and parkland, perfect for a leisurely stroll. Explore the grand rooms of the house, admire the art collection, and learn about the history of the Edgcumbe family. Don't miss the chance to enjoy a picnic in the park and take in the breathtaking views of Plymouth Sound.

Go for a Walk on Whitsand Bay

Spend a day at Whitsand Bay, a stunning stretch of coastline near Saltash. Take a leisurely walk along the sandy beach, enjoy the fresh sea breeze, and soak up the beautiful views. If you're feeling adventurous, you can try your hand at surfing or paddleboarding. Don't forget to bring a picnic and relax on the beach while enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

Visit St. Stephens Church

Make a visit to St. Stephens Church, a historic church located in Saltash. Admire the beautiful architecture of the church, which dates back to the 15th century. Take a moment to explore the peaceful churchyard and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings. Don't forget to check out the stunning stained glass windows inside the church.

Explore Trematon Castle

Discover the ruins of Trematon Castle, a medieval fortress located near Saltash. Take a walk around the castle grounds and imagine what life was like in medieval times. Enjoy the panoramic views of the surrounding countryside and the River Tamar. Don't forget to bring your camera to capture the stunning views.

Go Birdwatching at Kingsmill Lake

If you're a bird lover, don't miss the opportunity to go birdwatching at Kingsmill Lake. This tidal estuary near Saltash is home to a variety of bird species, including waders, ducks, and herons. Bring your binoculars and spend some time observing the birds in their natural habitat. Don't forget to check the tide times before your visit to ensure the best birdwatching experience.

Enjoy a Round of Golf at China Fleet Country Club

If you're a golf enthusiast, head to China Fleet Country Club for a round of golf. This 18-hole golf course offers stunning views of the River Tamar and the surrounding countryside. Challenge yourself on the well-maintained fairways and greens, and enjoy a relaxing game in a beautiful setting. After your game, you can unwind at the club's restaurant and bar.